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Bottling Conveyor Rollers, Bottling line Conveyor Roller

Tapered conveyor rollers
We manufacture tapered rollers to suit an inside radius of either 500mm or 800mm. Both sizes can be assembled with a choice of bearing types to suit your requirements. Free running bearings are best suited to gravity conveyors, while precision bearings are usually fitted for continuous running applications such as grooved or sprocket driven rollers.

Bottling Conveyor Rollers, Bottling line Conveyor Roller
Features and options:
Free running option for gravity roller conveyors
All tapered conveyor rollers have a sealed bearing option for wash-down areas
50mm diameter base roller can be grooved for lineshaft conveyors
Single or double 14 tooth x 1/2” sprockets can be fitted (choice of steel or nylon sprockets)
Grade 316 stainless steel base roller tube and spindle options

The roller can be made as either a fixed drive or a friction drive roller. Also available in stainless steel tube, spindle and bearings to be used in the food handling industry as a higher specification alternative to grooved rollers. In addition a true taper roller is available to suit 800mm inside radius bends.
Sealed bearing option for wash-down areas
Wide range of tube and spindle options for all stainless steel conveyor rollers
Plastic tube options where cost is an issue
Grade 316 stainless steel tube and spindle options on all sizes